Hi, all.

On Tuesday last week, the Ubuntu/Canonical keyservers came back into good thermal contact with the SKS mesh, and a large number of updates started to circulate. This took a few days to settle down, but as of this morning the core of the mesh agrees on a total of ~6.331 million keys.

It is now apparent that a significant fraction of otherwise responsive keyservers are not correctly syncing with any of their peers. These are indicated in the second graph of https://spider.pgpkeys.eu/graphs by a cyan background colour, or equivalently at https://spider.pgpkeys.eu by a key count of < 6.3 million.

(Note that both these resources are built from a snapshot in time and may therefore contain some inaccuracies).

You may wish to check your own keyserver and contact any of your peers that have fallen out of sync with you.


Andrew Gallagher

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