2003.12.18, Thursday :: MPlayerHQ OS change to Slackware
posted by Gabucino

>From December 17 14:30 until early this morning, our main server has undergone an OS 
(not winXP). The Debian Woody to Slackware transition did not have much effect on the 
service, but the HTTP, FTP and mail services have suffered slight downtimes.
We had several reasons for the reinstall:

   1. MPlayerHQ was cracked on November 16 17:50, but noticed 10 minutes later due to 
hidden traps. Possibly due to recent lame Linux kernel vulnerability (greetz to kernel 
for not publishing details much earlier).
   2. The old OS was installed 3 years ago, so time to clean up the mess
   3. Debian sucks - that's the opinion of most of the core developers
   4. Mailing migrated from sendmail+qmail combination to a single postfix installation

For further information, read the mail of A'rpi.
Marcos Tadeu

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