> There are slackbuilds by the names
>         webkitgtk
> and
>         webkit2gtk
> which seem to be more or less the same thing ("webkitgtk" with no
> "2"), with versions of varying degrees of age.
> Can anyone (*cough*, Willy and Erik, *cough*) comment on
> -> why there are two versions in SBo?
> -> do we really want both versions?
> -> does one version subsume the other (except for some SBos which
>    want one and some which want the other)?

webkitgtk is the legacy version, while webkit2gtk is the new version.
Even though both have same 2 as major version, it has different APIs

we do need both as there are apps which requires the legacy version
while others have migrated to the new API.

both can be installed at the same time so it's safe to do it.

> -> is it possible to combine these into one all-singing, all-dancing
>    version which makes all the dependent packages happy?

Building one package is already very time consuming. I can't imagine
people will have to wait longer to get a monstrous package in which 50%
of it are not used if they have a package that depends on one of them.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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