On Sat, 5 Aug 2017, Sebastien BALLET wrote:

I just built scribus 1.4.6 on a 14.1 vm without any issue.


  Then it must be something here that I don't recognize.

Can you try to build it again in verbose mode and post the output. To do
that, you must pass "VERBOSE=1" to make, or run scribus.SlackBuild as
below :
$ VERBOSE=1 ./scribus.SlackBuild

  It still fails with the same error.

  What I notice in the output (scribus-build.txt.gz attached) is during
configuration scribus is not going to build with qt3, and that's noted as
being good. But, on line 49001 of the output file I see that the qt3 library
is to be included. Makes no sense to me; I've qt4 and qt5 installed, but not
qt3. And what these have to do with freetype.h may be irrelevant.



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