On 8/5/17, King Beowulf <kingbeow...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Bah. The 2017 release is just a git snapshot. The 2017 version needs
> gnulib which it git clones on the fly, so
> ./bootstrap --skip-git --skip-po
> doesn't work (amoung no git found error). gnulib in SBo is older so not
> sure I have time to go down that rabbit hole.

I'm the gnulib SBo maintainer... gnulib doesn't do releases, I'm using the
same snapshot "release" that's in Debian unstable (and also the latest
Ubuntu). Does the new fontforge give a minimum version (snapshot date)
that it requires?

Not too much stuff in SBo requires gnulib. I wouldn't mind updating it to
a newer snapshot, but it'd be nice to use a snapshot that's widely used &
known not to be broken (which is why I used the version from Deb/Ubuntu).
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