Hey Willy,

I rewrote the slimjet Slackbuild to use only the icons in the slimjet package, 
so the icon folder can be removed.
No rush, no big deal, just letting you know. I should have probably mentioned 
this when submitting, sorry about that.


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all the broken link from pkgs.fedoraproject.org has been resolved in
this batch. Let us know if there's more broken link in the repository
and we will try to fix it in the next batch.

flashplayer-plugin and pepperflash-plugin are updated to to
fix security vulnerabilities. Please refer to
for more information.

LibreOffice has been bumped to, while libreoffice is bumped to
6.0.1. LO 6.0.1 was released yesterday so source-based compilation will
have to wait until next batch of update to be in par with the

As promised, opencv is now bumped to latest version (3.4) while an
opencv-legacy is provided for those who can't move on to 3.4 (libkface).
If you found any other scripts that can't work with latest opencv, let
us know.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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