On Tue, 6 Mar 2018, Benjamin Trigona-Harany wrote:

Is it possible you installed proj 5.0.0? In any case, you've probably
upgraded proj at some point and not recompiled everything that depends on
it (at least gdal, libspatialite and postgis).


 Yes, proj-5.0.0 is installed, and the latest packages for gdal,
libspatialite, and postgis are shown as present in /var/log/packages.
Unfortunately, not only did the kernel upgrade to 4.4.118 remove the gdal
executable (which I built and re-installed yesterday), but it also borked
the libspatialite and postgis executables.

Rebuild those and try QGIS again and I'm betting it also builds.

  I rebuilt and re-installed libspatialite and postgis and you're correct,
qgis now built to completion and allowed me to upgrade the version.

  I caught the gdal issue yesterday when attemting to build the latest grass
version, but did not check the other qgis dependencies.

Thanks for your help,

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