>>   Yes, I am, on two hosts: desktop and Dell Latitude 2100 with an Atom
>> processor. Currently running MasterPDFEditor-4.3.82 with Qt4.
> Hi Willy,
> I also still using a 32 bits machine and MasterPDFEditor 4 + Qt4. But I
> don't care if it is kept in version 4.3.82. That is, I don't need it to
> be updated.
> So, it is OK for me if you move to Qt5 version and for 64 bit only.

Hi Fellype

Upstream support both Qt4 and Qt5, but Qt5 is only for 64 bit
architecture, so if i moved to Qt5, the Qt4 will no longer be available
in the repository.

That's why i need to ask whether there are users who still use 32 bit
machines. Since there are some people who still use 32 bit, i'm going to
keep providing Qt4 version in the repository.

I will make a note in the README for those who wanted to use Qt5 version.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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