>> As I want to submit those slackbuilds once finished to slackbuilds.org, what
>> could be an acceptable solution to fix the lib issues ?
> You'll want to coerce the packages to install to the system directories
> of lib/lib64.  Sometimes one will need to work with upstream to
> accomplish this task.

Agreed. In SBo packages, /usr/local is *never* acceptable.

Some things you can try:

- Look for a cmake option to set the installation prefix to /usr instead
of /usr/local.  If you still have the directory in /tmp/SBo/<dirname>,
cd to /tmp/SBo/<dirname>/build and type 'ccmake ..' and look at all the
config options to see if one of them is set to /usr/local (you might
have to type 't' to use advanced mode) and then change the SlackBuild to
set that cmake option to /usr

- Look at CMakeLists.txt for some braindead hardcoded /usr/local, if so,
use sed in the SlackBuild to change it to /usr


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