That's the name of Eric's Trip's new cd ep from Sub Pop.
I like it! Five tracks, "I'm so near here", "Lightly Feeling",
"Never grow", "Departure song", and "Your always right".
Unfortunately its only 10min 11sec, really short:( and at $10.99 
on 'sale' at SAM's it cost more than a dollar an minute, kinda 
        If your looking for it, you might miss it, the cover does
not look particually like Trip, white cover with a grey/blue square
in the middle that has a house in it. I just picked it up today
(friday), I didn't know any thing about it, Chris Murphy told me
it was in the stores.  It was recorded Feb 23-Mar 1 at 
Stereo Mountain. Still no word on new vinyl:(

        Speaking of C Murphy, the new Sloan album, "Twice Removed" is 
still planned to be released Aug 4th. But they have been thinking
of releasing it earlier(if production is quick). Chris has a VERY
pre-release cd of it. It sounds good! (I had th pleasure of hearing 
some of it at Chris' place today:) He said that they would get kicked
off of Geffen for the album(jokingly), he thinks it sounds to different 
from Smeared. If Geffen does not like it, too bad!

More news as it happens

P.S.  When did MURDERecords' office move?? Went by (the first time in
about month) and it looked vacant. 

P.P.S. James, How much time was left on your meter??:-)

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