On Sun, 30 Jul 2017, Steve Singer wrote:

In my pre-release testing I hit a bug where occasionally when running DDL 
submitted to a non set origin/non provider node the DDL is replicating twice 
to some other nodes.

The regression test testddl.js will occasionally hit this case and fail.

I don't think this is a new issue with 2.2.6.

I can

A) Release 2.2.6 anyway and we we will have another release when we fix the 
DDL issue.

B) Hold off on 2.2.6 until we have a better idea on a timeline for the fix.

Unless anyone is aching for a 2.2.6 release (speak up if so) I am inclined 
to go with B.


> I am thinking of releasing slony 2.2.6 later this week or early next week.
> Changes are checked into git on the REL_2_2_STABLE branch.
> Our version detection code doesn't work with the PG10+ version numbering. I
> wasn't planning on backporting these changes to 2.1 or earlier but someone
> could if they really wanted to.
> The following are the changes I am planning on including in 2.2.6
>   - slonik_build_env can now accept multiple -schema options on the command
> line
>    - Support for PG10. This involved changes to PG version detection
>    - Disallow createEvent and data changes in the same transaction.
>      This also fixes some issues when the logApply trigger invokes the
>      data change trigger by inserting into a table with a trigger that
>      in turns inserts into another replicated table.
>    - Fix some failover issues when doing a multi-node failover
>      with a cascaded node.
>    - Bug 341 - suppress log trigger/deny when running in 'local' mode
> If I don't hear any objections, or requests for more time to test I work
> through the release process when I have a chance, likely Monday.
> Steve
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