Ruxcon is Australia's premier technical computer security conference, held at 
the CQ Function Centre in Melbourne.

Ruxcon brings together the best and the brightest security talent in the 
Australia-Pacific region through live presentations, activities, and 
demonstrations. This year we also feature a fantastic line-up with several 
high-profile international speakers.

Ruxcon 2014 will be held on the weekend of the 11th of October to the 12th of 
October. Doors open at 8:00am and the first presentation commences at 9:00am.

There are a limited number of tickets available and they are going very 
quickly. Please register via the Ruxcon website to ensure that you don't miss 
out: http://www.ruxcon.org.au/register

For more information, please visit http://www.ruxcon.org.au/speakers

1.  Safecracking on a Budget - Jay Davis and Luke Jahnke
2.  Software Defined Radness: HackRF meets +613 - y011 & liamosaur
3.  Windows ShellBags Forensics in Depth - Vincent Lo
4.  Portal Masquerade: Traffic Analysis Resistant Communications - Ryan Lackey
5.  APT PenTesting Framework - Writing Zero Days for Security - Sean Park
6.  Let's Talk About SOAP Baby, Let's Talk About UPNP - Ricky Lawshae
7.  EMET 5.0: Armor Or Curtain - Rene Freingruber
8.  Homebrew Incident Response - Mimeframe & Mcgrew
9.  Ransomware: A Study of Evolution - Peter Szabo
10. BIOS and Secure Boot Attacks Uncovered - John Loucaides
11. Android Forensics: The Joys of JTAG - tty0x80
12. Cyber Necromancy: Reverse Engineering Dead Protocols - Matthew Halchyshak & 
Joseph Tartaro
13. Bitcoin Transaction Malleability Theory In Practical - Daniel Chechik
14. International Voicemail Security and Bypassing 2FA for Fun and Profit - 
Shubham Shah
15. Recapping Breaking the Security of Physical Devices - Silvio Cesare
16. Write Once, Run Anywhere: A Tour of Java Remote Code Execution Vectors - 
David Jorm
17. Exploiting SQL Race Conditions and Other Oddities - David Litchfield
18. Mobile Underground Activities in China - Lion Gu
19. Bolt On Some Crypto - Michael Samuel
20. Finding Bugs The Rube-Goldberg Way - Mark Brand
21. The Devil in the Detail: Advanced Forensic Artifact Analysis and More Tales 
From the Coalface - Adam Daniel
22. Image and Video Forensics – An Image is Worth 1000 Frauds - Robert Winkel
23. Breaking Bricks and Plumbing Pipes: Cisco ASA a Super Mario Adventure - 
Alec Stuart-Muirk
24. Advanced Forensic Artefact Analysis & More Tales From the Coalface - Adam 
25. iOS 8: Containers, Sandboxes and Entitlements - Stefan Esser
26. Building Your Own SMS/MMS Fuzzer - Brian Gorenc & Matt Molinyawe
27. Crash & Pay: Reading, Cloning and Fuzzing RFID Payment Cards - Peter 
28. Extreme Privilege Escalation on Windows 8/UEFI Systems - Corey Kallenberg

Videos from previous Ruxon's can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/ruxcon

Hope to see you there,


Ruxcon 2014 Staff
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