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"David" == David  <da...@kenpro.com.au> writes:
David> Ubuntu 12.04 SERVER (no gui) I've run into this error and don't
David> want to make the problem worse:

        apt-get update
        apt-get -f install

to resolve dependencies (it may be there's a newer linux-serverimage
to fetch and install, that won't have the problem).

If this fails, you can install just that package, so you can can
complete the upgrade, with
         dpk -i --force-depends-version 

Then do an
      apt-get -f install

to fix the fallout.

thanks, but <apt-get -f install> failed. One of those circular dependency problems.

In case anyone stumbles on this thread, I ended up simply doing

#apt-get remove linux-server
#apt-get install linux-server

That was a pretty scary thing to do - remove "linux-server"??? - but it works. Linux-server is just a housekeeping meta package, even though it's description says that it is the kernel.

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