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So, having absorbed, from my friends,  the dangers of partially recharging
a  lithium-ion battery due to “memory”, I read the insert that came with
the new laptop battery:  –

“Recharging a partially charged lithium-ion does not cause harm because
there is no memory. Short battery life is mainly caused by heat rather than
charge/discharge patterns.”
Terry Pratchett: He does know Big Words after all he is a dealer …

Battery Technology is VERY complex, so either you become a guru or you believe 
the manufacturer.

lithium-ion is complex enough that I cannot believe that a manufacturer would 
make a charger that does not do the right thing. (lithium-ion-phosphate may 
NEVER be flattened, so even more complex)
Battery manufacturers primarily compete on capacity on the date of purchase.
If the battery lasts 18 months instead of 2 years most of the time the short lived cell isn't going to be held against the manufacturer.

Discharging any lithium chemistry cell to 0 volts will pretty much destroy it.

The only severe rule for mortals is to never charge A sort batteries with a B 
sort charger the consequences are fire and explosion.

I opine that you may use the laptop permenantly 'on charge’ yet I have seen a 
disportionate number of dead laptop
batteries contradicting what I say above.

General Rule #1: Every time you flattern a battery you use up a percentage of 
it’s life.

The ideal charger would keep the batteries at 99% charged allowing you to 
always charge (not 100% because the 100% level is temperature dependant and you 
don’t want to go to 101% because the day warmed or cooled)
So if you have bought a system with a lessor charger you will buy batteries, 
the more you play the better the battery life, but like death and taxes dead 

I have seen some phones and laptops (very rare) that won't charge if the battery is above 90something %, those ones you could leave on charge without damaging them.
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