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I have started using “enchant” for the claws-mail OSX port I am working on.
I had to hunt for the en_AU dictionary for it which is sourced from aspell.

I think enchant is just a refreshed version of aspell, but I know ispell is 
a bit ancient now and not as reliable.


> On 16/02/15 17:15, William Bennett wrote:
>> Up to now, I've always felt that ispell was pretty good.
>> But I thought I'd enquire.
>> Has anybody experience with any others?
>> William Bennett.
> I use ispell in irssi, and it's not that good at unravelling the noodliness
> of my mind and guessing what I meant to spell.
> If one character is wrong, it will make the right suggestion, but if
> two characters are wrong, forget about it. If ispell can't make a
> suggestion, I then I google it, and google always knows what I meant
> to spell. Pretty scary.
> here's a weird example:
> dribl
> ispell says
> & dribl 5 0: drib, dribs, drib l, drib-l, drill
> aspell says
> & dribl 19 0: dribble, drably, tribal, drill, dribbler, drivel, drub,
> durable, durably, dbl, driblet, droll, drool, drab, treble, drawl,
> trial, tribe, trill
> I have heard in the past aspell is better, and I would concur.

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