I'm trying to get the x11 plugin to work and I'm having some difficulties.

ssh --X

to one of my compute nodes works fine and

env | grep DIS

displays the correct IP address for that node.


srun --x11 -pty bash

gives me an error:

srun: error: x11: unable to connect node node010


env | grep DIS

now says DISPLAY=:10.0. So I checked the values in sshd_config and 
X11Forwarding yes and X11UseLocalhost no, so that seems to be correct. I've 
checked the locations of x11.so, plugstack.conf, and slurm-spank-x11 and 
they're all where I believe they are supposed to be. So I'm kind of stuck (and 
new to Slurm) and I really need some help figuring out why this isn't working.



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