That doesn't quite get me what I'm looking for. That seems to give me what 
accounts the user is a member of, but not what partitions they can submit to. 
Our cluster is segmented into different partitions for different funding 
entities and as such it's hard to tell what users are locked out of which 
partitions without digging into what user groups they are a part of. It would 
be cool if I could see which partitions they're allowed to see like sinfo does 
for a user that is signed in without having to filter it through what accounts 
they're a member of.

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Something like
sacctmgr show user withassoc -p user=USERNAME --noheader | awk -F'|' '{ print 

should give you what you want.

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016, Eggleston, Nicholas J. wrote:
> I?ve got kind of a weird question for you all. I?m in a place where I 
> need to know a list of all the partitions a given user can submit to 
> while not being signed in as that user. It?d be great if there was a 
> `scontrol show user partitions` command or something like that but from all 
> the documentation I?ve read the only way I can see that is to have the user 
> sign in and have them run sinfo. Am I missing anything or does this sort of 
> functionality not actually exist?
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