I have a pending job with a time limit of 2 days, it is assigned by
default to "normal" qos that has a limit of 1 day.

When I realize that it is in PENDING
Reason=QOSMaxWallDurationPerJobLimit, i move it to lowprio qos:

$] scontrol update job 2767745 qos=lowprio

Then, I check the wall duration limit and it switched to 1-00:00:00
days. I wanted to mantain the original 2 days since I moved from a
1-day qos to a 7-day qos.

[fmoll@head1 submission-scripts]$ sacctmgr show qos -pn

If I switch a 8 days job from lowprio to normal, it is switched to 1 day.
If I launch a 8 days job to "machine" qos and move it to lowprio,
wallclock is switched to 7 days.

In my opinion, timelimit should not be changed when updating qos job
unless explicitly told.

Is it a correct behaviour in slurm 15.08.10?

Felip Moll Marquès
Computer Science Engineer
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