Reserved time in sreport is time nodes are held idle (by the backfill scheduler) to start the job. If you aren't using backfill, or if all job submissions request about the same quantity of hardware resources then it may always be zero. If there were some users submitting large jobs and some small, then I would expect there to be some non-zero time.

For the same time period, what is the reserved column say for "sreport -T CPU -t MinPer cluster utilization"? Meaning, not by account. If that Reserved is 0 for the cluster overall, then that does explain why it's also zero for all accounts. If there is a discrepancy, then perhaps there may be something to investigate.


On 10/18/16 2:36 AM, Albert Gil Moreno wrote:
Reserved column on UserUtilizationByAccount sreports

It seems that right-now (or at least in version 15.08.9) the column Reserved in a UserUtilizationByAccount sreport is always 0, like Idle and Down.

For example:

sreport -T CPU -t MinPer cluster UserUtilizationByAccount Format=TresName%4,Login,Used,Reserved,Idle,Down Start=`date -d "last month" +%D` End=now
Cluster/User/Account Utilization 2016-09-18T00:00:00 - 2016-10-18T09:59:59 (2628000 secs)
Use reported in TRES Minutes/Percentage of Total
TRES     Login    Used           Reserved                 Idle   Down
---- --------- ----------------- ------------------ -------------------- ------------------ cpu pbellot 266612(9.77%) 0(0.00%) 0(0.00%) 0(0.00%) cpu mpomar 157124(5.76%) 0(0.00%) 0(0.00%) 0(0.00%) cpu mbellver 61747(2.26%) 0(0.00%) 0(0.00%) 0(0.00%)

For me it's clear that Down and Idle are values that has none sense to query "ByAccount", but the Reserved could be seen as the time that an account has reserved the resources but still not allocated them; so, its in queue time?

Does it has sense to you?
Is it possible to implement?



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