The way we did that was to put the nodes in their own partition which is only 
accessible by that group.

PartitionName=beardq Nodes=compute-8-[1,5,9,13,17] AllowGroups=beards 
DefaultTime=01:00:00 MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP

So here is a partition "beardq" which is only available to folks in the group 
(yah, all they guys in that group have beards....)

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Subject: [slurm-dev] Restrict access for a user group to certain nodes

Dear everybody,

I'd like to restrict submissions from a certain user group or allow only one 
certain user group to submit jobs to certain nodes. Does Slurm offer groups 
which can handle such an occassion? It'd be prefered if there is a linux user 
group support, because this would save time setting up a new user group 

The intention is that only administrators can submit jobs to those certain 
nodes to perform some tests, which might be disturbed by users submitting their 
jobs to those nodes. Various Search Engines didn't offer answers to my 
question, which is why I'm writing you here.

Looking forward to some answers!

Felix Willenborg

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