You could either setup a partition for your tests with group restrictions or you can use the reservation feature depending on your exact use case.


On 2016-12-01 15:54, Felix Willenborg wrote:

Dear everybody,

I'd like to restrict submissions from a certain user group or allow only
one certain user group to submit jobs to certain nodes. Does Slurm offer
groups which can handle such an occassion? It'd be prefered if there is
a linux user group support, because this would save time setting up a
new user group environment.

The intention is that only administrators can submit jobs to those
certain nodes to perform some tests, which might be disturbed by users
submitting their jobs to those nodes. Various Search Engines didn't
offer answers to my question, which is why I'm writing you here.

Looking forward to some answers!

Felix Willenborg

Magnus Jonsson, Developer, HPC2N, UmeƄ Universitet

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