Hey guys,

I was asked to implement a walltime of 24 hours in our cluster (we only
have 16 nodes, so no need until now).
Furthermore, I need to prefer single accounts based on compute time. The
example I was given is further below.

Btw., I'm upgrading to SLURM 17.02.4.

If the partition is full, we should start to prefer people who haven't
used much computing time the last month.

I don't know where I should start with this request to be honest and if
it is even possible (walltime is not the problem).

First of, I would need to also implement accounting I guess (also, no
need for until now^^)
But how to continue? I wanted to implement backfill instead of FIFO, but
would I also need multifactor priority?

Here are my thoughts of being able to achieve this:

1. Could I do something like:
A. People are getting points every month (which they can't actually
empty within one month)
B. Compare the points (last month) of all people when a queue appears.

2. Or something like (same but time based):
A. Account the whole computing time for two months (and then start to
delete old entries)
B. While queue, compare computing time (last month) of all waiting users?

I hope I made myself clear and that you can help me. Every hint is

Best regards,

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