We use the spank-private-tmp plugin developed at HPC2N in Sweden:

See also: https://slurm.schedmd.com/SUG14/private_tmp.pdf
for a presentation about the plugin.

2017-08-10 9:31 GMT+02:00 John Hearns <hear...@googlemail.com>:

> I am sure someone discussed this topic on this list a few months ago... if
> it rings any bells please let me know.
> I am not discussing setting the TMPDIR environment variable and crateing a
> new TMPDIR directory on a per job basis - though thankyou for the help I
> did get when discussing this.
> Rather I would like to set up a new namespace when a job runs such that
> /tmp is unique to every job.  /tmp can of course be a directly uniquely
> created for that job and deleted afterwards.
> This is to cope with any software which writes to  /tmp rather than using
> the TMPDIR variable.
> If anyone does this let me know what your techniques are please.

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