On 7/6/2017 2:38 AM, Victor Gamayunov wrote:
>knl_generic plugin on non-KNL node
>i have a cluster with a mix of regular Xeon and KNL nodes. I use knl_generic 
>to switch KNL modes which works very well. 
>However, there is a side effect on non-KNL nodes: every time I allocate a 
>non-KNL node and specify a constraint (which has nothing to do with KNL), the 
>node is rebooted every time. 
>Is there a way do selectively disable the plugin on non-KNL nodes?
>I looked at the code but couldn't quite figure out what forces the reboot.

I got the same problem and found a workaround allowing to keep the same 
slurm.conf file on all nodes.

On non-KNL nodes I copy the syscfg file available in slurm tarball 
(.../src/plugins/node_features/knl_generic/syscfg) as /etc/slurm/syscfg; per 
inside comment this bash script " # Emulate syscfg (Intel's MOBO interface) for 
testing purposes "
Then I create a /etc/slurm/knl_generic.conf file that contains just one line : 

non-KNL nodes will be assigned dummy features (xyz is mine) but won't be 
rebooted when a constraint is specified by a job

scontrol show node xx

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Pierre-Marie Le Biot

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