Hello all,

as a workaround, i finally use a Epilog script to archive the jobs
in slurm.conf
The script does:
scontrol show job -d $SLURM_JOB_ID >> $JOBS_FILE



Le 09/02/2018 à 17:58, Henry Gérard a écrit :
Hello all,
we have slurm 15.08 and we configured preemption. So sometimes, jobs are killed then restarted, and the attribute "Restarts" becomes > 0:
[gerard.henry@xcluster ~]$ scontrol show job 157945
JobId=157945 JobName=sleep
    UserId=gerard.henry(1016) GroupId=grp1(1002)
    Priority=1053144 Nice=0 Account=u_recover QOS=defaultqos
    JobState=PENDING Reason=BeginTime Dependency=(null)
    Requeue=1 Restarts=2 BatchFlag=1 Reboot=0 ExitCode=0:0

Is there a mean to retrieve all the jobs (after they completed) where Restarts is > 0?
i found no such thing in sacct.
I tried with -D (duplicates), but when there are thousands jobs, it's unusable.
Is this information store in the accounting database?

Thanks in advance for help,

Gérard Henry
RSI Irstea Aix en Provence

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