On 02/13/2018 08:13 AM, Nadav Toledo wrote:> Does anyone know of way to get amount of idle gpu per node or for all
cluster ?

sinfo -o %G gives the total amount of gres resource for each node. Is there a way to get the idle amount same as you can get for cpu (%C)? Perhaps if one use lock file like /dev/nvidia# for each gpu you can check their states?

I think printing the GRES usage for nodes is a neat idea. So I've added a flag "-G" to my pestat command so that the GRES usage for each job on each node is printed. The squeue command can print GRES usage using -o %b.

Could you give pestat a try to see if it fits your needs:

Just run "pestat -G" on your Slurm cluster.

At the moment pestat doesn't print a column of total configured GRES in the node, but this could be added if there is interest.

Please send me feedback and comments about pestat.


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