On 22-02-2018 21:27, Christopher Benjamin Coffey wrote:
Thanks Paul. I didn't realize we were tracking energy ( . Looks like the best 
way to stop tracking energy is to specify what you want to track with 
AccountingStorageTRES ? I'll give that a try.

Perhaps it's a good idea for a lot of sites to configure a non-default AccountingStorageTRES in slurm.conf omitting the energy resource?

Question:  Is it as simple as defining in slurm.conf:
and restarting slurmctld?

It seems that a "scontrol reconfig" should suffice, according to the scontrol man-page which lists the parameters requiring a restart.

Or is the process more complicated since changes to the database are involved? The slurm.conf man-page reads:
Comma separated list of resources you wish to track on the cluster. These are the resources requested by the sbatch/srun job when it is submitted. Currently this consists of any GRES, BB (burst buffer) or license along with CPU, Memory, Node, and Energy. By default Billing, CPU, Energy, Memory, and Node are tracked. Whenever these resources are used on the cluster they are recorded. The TRES are automatically set up in the database on the start of the slurmctld.


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