We do the same at TACC in our base module (which happens to be called “TACC”), 
and then we document it.


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    Thanks, Martin — I almost mentioned Utah in my original e-mail as I turned 
up your support page in a search.
    It is good to know definitively that MKL honors that variable — would be 
preferable to having to know about various different ones.
    > On Mar 6, 2018, at 6:07 PM, Martin Cuma <martin.c...@utah.edu> wrote:
    > Ryan,
    > we set OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 in the R and Python modules (MKL will honor 
that), and instruct those users that want to run multi-threaded to set 
OMP_NUM_THREADS themselves after loading the module - and make sure they don't 
oversubscribe the node.
    > In our experience majority of R and Python users run independent serial 
calculations so the default OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 is reasonable.
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