Hi All,

We are looking to have time-based partitions; e.g.  a"day" and "night"
partition (using the same group of compute nodes).

1.) For a “night” partition, jobs will only be allocated resources one the
“night-time” window is reached (e.g. 6pm – 7am). Ideally, the jobs in the
“night” partition would also have higher priority during this window (so
that they would preempt jobs in the "day" partition that were still
running, if there were resource contention).

2.) During the “day-time” window (7am-6pm), jobs in the “day” queue can be
allocated resources, and have higher priority than jobs in the “night”
partition (that way, preemptive scheduling can occur if there is resource

I have so far not seen a way to define a run or allocation time window for
partitions. Are there such options? What is the best (and hopefully least
convoluted) way to achieve the scheduling behavior as described above in


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