The documentation is a little unclear to me, so I was wondering how do a 
complete backup and restore of Slurm for testing and/or disaster recovery.

I'm looking to upgrade Slurm from 16.05.10 to the latest and I'm not sure all 
of what should go. I stood up some VMs to test this upgrade and most things 
looked good after running through it. I imported the mysql DB from our slurmdbd 
instance, installed all of the relevant packages and copied over configs. 
Everything looked ok between the slurmctld node, DB node and test compute 
nodes. Accounts and associations all looked right and I could run jobs.

Some things, however, that seemed to be missing were any kind of usage data. 
Using Slurm bank, all accounts were reset to 0 (rawusage), but they all had the 
correct limits. Job history was also gone. After reading into it a bit farther 
and testing some more, it seemed all of this was stored in the 
"StateSaveLocation". Should this also not be in the DB? Is there a way to get 
this into the DB? Is this related to the field I saw "JobCompType"? This 
specifically didn't seem clear to me if it needed to be set if we were using 

With that said, for this and disaster recovery, do we need to save copies of 
anything besides the DB, config files and state saves?


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