Some days ago, I posted a question about a job_submit.lua I was writing to limit "srun" to only one node and one core. My script was this:
function slurm_job_submit(job_desc, part_list, submit_uid)
        local partition = "interactive"
        if ((job_desc.script == nil or job_desc.script == '') and job_desc.partition ~= partition) then
                slurm.log_info("slurm_job_submit: interactive job submitted by user_id:%d to partition:%s rejected", job_desc.user_id, job_desc.partition)
                return slurm.FAILURE
        local max = 1

        if (job_desc.cpus_per_task > max or job_desc.max_cpus > max or job_desc.max_nodes > max) then
                slurm.log_info("slurm_job_submit: error de parametros %s %s %u", job_desc.cpus_per_task, job_desc.max_cpus, job_desc.max_nodes)
                return slurm.FAILURE

        return slurm.SUCCESS

However, this script is not working as I desire because logged value for job_desc.max_cpus return a value too big. I get "4294967294" for job_desc.max_cpus and "1" for job_desc.max_nodes...


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