Hi Jean-Claude,


Within an ugly Perl script (since dictionaries are easy in Perl), I run:

sreport -n -p -M \"$cluster\" reservation Utilization start=$startdate 
end=$enddate -t hours 


and then

sacct -n -a -M \"$cluster\" -S $startdate -E $enddate -p 
--format=jobid,user,CPUTimeRaw,AssocID,ReservationID -X -T


and then match up the ReservationID numbers, to see to what extent the 
reservations actually get used.


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Here it is,


The command line to get the previous reservation is:

sreport reservation utilization start=2018-02-10T10:00:00 


According to the man page, I should get these headers:

Allocated, Associations, Cluster, Count, CPUTime, End, Flags, Idle, Name, 
Nodes, ReservationId, Start, TotalTime

But I get only these ones:

Cluster      Name               Start                 End            Allocated  


I try to put a “verbose” somewhere (or a “-v” ), but it doesn’t change anything.


My SLURM version is 17.02.7  .


If anyone has more usage examples/explanations, very welcome.









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