After creating an account and a partition, I get an error that
requested partition configuration not available now. Although I
restarted the services on all nodes, I wonder why that happen?

[root@rocks7 ~]# rocks run host compute-0-0 "systemctl restart slurmd"
[root@rocks7 ~]# rocks run host compute-0-1 "systemctl restart slurmd"
[root@rocks7 ~]# systemctl restart slurmd
[root@rocks7 ~]# systemctl restart slurmctld
[mahmood@rocks7 ~]$ sacctmgr list association
format=partition,account,user | grep mahmood
   emerald        em1    mahmood
   diamond    monthly    mahmood
      ruby         y8    mahmood
[mahmood@rocks7 ~]$ srun -I -A monthly -p DIAMOND --mem=4GB --pty bash
[mahmood@compute-0-1 ~]$ exit
[mahmood@rocks7 ~]$ srun -I -A em1 -p EMERALD --mem=4GB --pty bash
[mahmood@rocks7 ~]$ exit
[mahmood@rocks7 ~]$ srun -I -A Y8 -p RUBY --mem=4GB --pty bash
srun: error: Unable to allocate resources: Requested partition
configuration not available now
[mahmood@rocks7 ~]$ cat /etc/slurm/parts
PartitionName=WHEEL RootOnly=yes Priority=1000 Nodes=ALL
PartitionName=DIAMOND AllowAccounts=monthly Nodes=compute-0-[0-1]
PartitionName=EMERALD AllowAccounts=em1,em4 Nodes=compute-0-[0-1],rocks7
PartitionName=RUBY AllowAccounts=Y8 Nodes=compute-0-[0-1]


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