Is accounting setup to use a slurmdbd/database backend or file 
3 minutes could make sense if data are being stored in a (large) flat file.

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Trying to understand some problems with "sacct " command.

I sent 10 jobs to slurm and I can see them all running in with squeue command.

Now, when I am running "sacct -j 398000" to check one of the jobs, I see two 

  1.  Its take the sacct command about 3 minutes to return results. Is that ok? 
Its seems a lot of time for information on one job.
  2.  Under "State" I see "PENDING". Why is that? Shouldn't that be like that 
state in the squeue (which is Running)? When the job finish I see that it is 
"COMPLETED" in the sacct.

I think I didn't understand the sacct...



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