On Thu, 17 May 2018, Nadav Toledo wrote:

Hello everyone,
After fighting with x11 forwarding couple of weeks, I think i've got a few tips 
that can help others.

I am using slurm 17.11.6 with builtin x11 forwarding with ubuntu server distro, 
all servers in cluster share /home via
slurm was compiled from source.

E. make sure you can ssh -X to all servers in cluster from the loginserver 
without password and you can get xeyes(for
example) to work   , if this step failed, lookup up on google how to setup 
sshd_config or try ssh -v for debuging

Also make shure, that the local root user will have write access to the home directories. Some file servers like Netapp need to be configured this way. Otherwise the invoked xauth by slurmstepd cannot write the MAGIC cookie into .Xauthority.
Hope, this get changed by the developers in the future.


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