I've attached a first draft of a patch to allow network interface
selection for slurm RPCs.

As part of the bring up for one of our systems here we've been wanting
to switch between our management network and IP over IB. As far as I
can tell Slurm doesn't allow the user to select a network interface
for socket operations. This patch adds a command line option --iface
<interface> to use SO_BINDTODEVICE to choose the network interface.

Before I start testing and debugging I wanted to run it by you guys to
make sure that I'm going about it the right way. I suspect it would
also be useful to make an sbatch and slurm.conf option as well. I'll
be happy to add those too if the current architecture of the patch is

Finally, does slurm support Darwin/OSX? I believe SO_BINDTODEVICE
isn't supported, so I'd need to ifdef in a Darwin specific solution.


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