I've created OS-5677 for this issue.

Brian Bennett
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> On Sep 14, 2016, at 10:30 PM, Daniel Carosone <daniel.caros...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> Some further developments:
> I noticed that in addition to bios updates, there was a separate firmware 
> update for the marvell SE9230 that is one of the secondary controllers on the 
> motherboard.  So I grabbed this and updated everything.
> Well, it certainly made a difference: a scrub hung within about 30s of 
> starting. Not quite the improvement I had been hoping for.
> However, it pointed the finger of suspicion at this controller in particular. 
>  I rearranged all the disks around, so that none of the ones from the large 
> pool were on this controller.  In this configuration, the pool scrubs fine.  
> It also does so notably faster (perhaps by 25-30%), despite 4 of the disks 
> now being on slower 3gbit ports.
> The ssd pool wound up on that controller instead, in this rearrangement.  I 
> tried scrubbing that and it was very, very slow.
> So this controller is starting to smell pretty bad.
> I've been looking around at google results and it does seem to have a 
> collection of issues reported, with people getting highly variable results 
> based on config options. There was an interesting linux kernel quirk added 
> with iommu enabled, because it uses an undeclared second pci function id.  I 
> now have a collection of firmware versions and option settings to try.
> Even if the controller is doing something wrong, it seems we're still losing 
> track of commands without reporting errors or warnings on the device. I've 
> uploaded a crash dump in case there are any clues there.
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