Thanks for coming back to me.

Sorry, I should have specified. We are using delegated datasets in our
environment. So I was wondering if there is anyway of being able to do
this, even with delegated datasets?

Many Thanks.

On 19 Oct 2016 1:47 AM, "Robert Mustacchi" <r...@joyent.com> wrote:

On 10/17/16 22:22 , Marcus Dillury wrote:
> Hi.
> Just a quick question.
> Is there anyway to disable/remove the zpool command from a smartos vm?
> We are setting up a shared environment and would like to remove this
> visibility from within a zone.
 If you do not delegate any datasets into the zone (the default
 behavior), then zpool(1M) will not find any pools and zfs(1M) will not
 find any file systems. You can verify this by running the commands in
 the zone.

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