On 29. 7. 2017 1:28, Robert Mustacchi wrote:
On 7/21/17 8:33 , Ján Poctavek wrote:

as advised, I've changed the guest OS to SmartOS. I was able to migrate
the OS to the second qemu. Before the migration, I've started debugger
using "mdb -K". Now I have two VMs:

1. The source VM running mdb.
2. The destination VM also running mdb without a problem.

When I resume the OS by exiting mdb in the source VM, everything is
running fine.
When I do the same in the second VM, the processes start to crash with

The contents of the two VMs are expected to be absolutely identical..
but apparently they are not. Anyway, with running mdb on both VMs, it
seems as an ideal debug setup to me - just compare and find the
difference. I believe it should be easy to look on the memory.

Unfortunately, even after 2 days spent reading various mdb manuals and
handbooks, I don't know how to actually do it.

Can you please help me with that?
When this occurs, do you get a kernel crash dump?
Hi, Robert,

Sorry for my late reply.
Unlike Linux, SmartOS does not crash after migration. But it goes into an infinite loop of starting login prompt that immediately crashes again with SEGV. I'm unable to enter any commands in this state. I have only a dump right after the migration before resuming the migrated VM. Is it possible to set a breakpoint that dumps the kernel at first occurrence of SEGV? It would get us exactly to the point of failure.

Thank you.

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