Hi Dan,

Yes we know about the IKEv2 and we'll be happy to try it.

You might also be interested in our ansible playbook that sets up IPsec and overlays:
And our simple IPSsec debug scripts:

Any feedback on our docs or usage of IPsec is totally welcome. Don't hesitate to ask anything.

One more thing - as you are probably right person to ask - currently we are trying to set up a reliable Dead Peer Detection so the IPsec can overcome a remote node reboot or ipseckey flush. Is there any doc that can point us how to do that? I'm a bit lost in all IKE options.

Thank you.


On 7. 2. 2018 17:51, Dan McDonald wrote:
I'm so glad to see you're using the built-in illumos IPsec features for your 
overlay improvements.  If you don't already know, we're working on IKEv2 for 
illumos-via-SmartOS.  As we move along with it, it would be interesting to have 
your feedback on it.

Thanks for this update, and the documentation links.  I'll need to give them 
(esp. the IPsec-specific bits) a bit of a deeper read.


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