I am fairly new still to Smartos and learning my way around it.  I have been in 
the process of migrating my environment from VMware ESXi to a Smartos host.  I 
have a Vyos virtual router that I would like to migrate from VMware to Smartos. 
 In VMware I know how to assign a trunk port to the Vyos virtual machine and 
then assign various IPs in different VLANs for routing in the Vyos router.  I 
am not sure what the equivalent way of doing this is in SmartOs.

I know that you can add the vlan_id tag to the JSON file for the KVM machine 
but given I want a trunk port assigned to the KVM machine (that will be running 
Vyos), how do I go about doing this?  Hopefully what I want to achieve makes 



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