Hi Eugene you should be able to accomplish this by not using any “vlan_id” in 
the nic config. Keep in mind that the GZ NIC should be in an untagged VLAN and 
your switch should allow passing tagged frames. On some switches you may need 
to change the ethertype or enable Q-in-Q. This varies by vendor.

If you’re going to be using this VM as a router you’ll need to enable ip and 
dhcp spoofing to enable ip forwarding,NAT, and dhcp server responses. You do 
not have to enable ip_spoofing on your external interface but you do on your 
internal NIC’s. Now I’m not sure but to pass VLAN tags you’ll probably want 
unrestricted traffic and potentially promisc access.

Also be sure that if you’re passing tags that you increase the size of your MTU 
accordingly in the GZ and on the switch.

I haven’t tested tagging VLAN’s from within a guest myself but try this config 
and let me know if it works. Also I would do this on two different GZ’s in 2 
different guests in order to verify that the configuration is correct all the 
way through the switch.

Snoop and Tcpdump are going to be your friends with this project.

"interface": "net0",

   "mac": "”,

  "nic_tag": "admin",

    "ip": "dhcp",

    "ips": [



    "model": "virtio",

    "allow_ip_spoofing": true,

    "allow_mac_spoofing": true,

    "allow_restricted_traffic": true,

    "allow_unfiltered_promisc": true


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  1.  Assign trunk port to KVM host in Smartos
Assign trunk port to KVM host in 

Sent by Eugene Lee <eky_...@hotmail.com> at Mon, 19 Feb 2018 09:08:39 +0000
Hi, I am fairly new still to Smartos and learning my way around it. I have been 
in the process of migrating my environment from VMware ESXi to a Smartos host. 
I have a Vyos virtual router that I would like to migrate from VMware to 
Smartos. In VMware I know how to assign a trunk port to the Vyos virtual 
machine and then assign various IPs in different VLANs for routing in the Vyos 
router. I am not sure what the equivalent way of doing this is in SmartOs. I 
know that you can add the vlan_id tag to the JSON file for the KVM machine but 
given I want a trunk port assigned to the KVM machine (that will be running 
Vyos), how do I go about doing this? Hopefully what I want to achieve makes 
sense. Thanks, Eugene

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