Have you changed the amount of RAM for the VM after deploying it? 


I have seen LX zones crash before for this reason. 

I don’t know why but you must also update the SHM memory


vmadm update {zonename} max_shm_memory=5120 max_physical_memory=5120 
max_locked_memory=5120 swap=5120 max_shm_memory=5120


The above is a basic line that I keep in my zone config directory. Just alter 
the amount for all variables to the value you want, but  keep all values the 

(and replace {zonename} with the UUID of your zone)


Van: Daniel Plominski <d...@ass.de> 
Verzonden: zondag 11 maart 2018 02:50
Aan: smartos-discuss@lists.smartos.org
Onderwerp: Re: [smartos-discuss] LX_DEBUG lets crash SmartOS


NOTICE: vnic1061 link up, 1000 Mbps, unknown duplex
NOTICE: vnic1061 unregistered
NOTICE: vnic1065 registered
NOTICE: vnic1065 unregistered
NOTICE: vnic1066 registered
NOTICE: vnic1066 unregistered
NOTICE: vnic1067 registered
kernel memory allocator:
buffer freed to wrong cache
buffer was allocated from kmem_va_4096,
caller attempting free to kmem_alloc_4096.
buffer=ffffff19527ab000  bufctl=ffffff1951f8ecd8  cache: kmem_alloc_4096

kernel heap corruption detected

ffffff0079e179a0 fffffffffba3c574 ()
ffffff0079e17a00 genunix:kmem_slab_free+c1 ()
ffffff0079e17a70 genunix:kmem_magazine_destroy+6e ()
ffffff0079e17ab0 genunix:kmem_depot_ws_reap+75 ()
ffffff0079e17b20 genunix:kmem_cache_magazine_purge+110 ()
ffffff0079e17b60 genunix:kmem_cache_magazine_resize+40 ()
ffffff0079e17c20 genunix:taskq_thread+2d0 ()
ffffff0079e17c30 unix:thread_start+8 ()

dumping to /dev/zvol/dsk/zones/dump, offset 65536, content: kernel
NOTICE: ahci1: ahci_tran_reset_dport port 2 reset port
NOTICE: ahci1: ahci_tran_reset_dport port 3 reset port
> <rip/i
vpanic:         pushq  %rbp
> <rbp=K
> ::msgbuf

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