Hi! In this mail, I'll summarise the status of my current attempts at
running non-android distros
on Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) so that anyone interested in running a
traditional distro can join.

First, I've put up the kernel repository at
the main branch is cm9_gnu which contains the linux 3.0.29 kernel
adapted for booting linux
rootfs from mmcblk1p2 (external microsd). There is also the linaro_33
branch, but that one has
very basic hardware support (display, wifi, bluetooth, mmc/microsd, usb,
sound, touchscreen, rear camera,  but no hdmi, no sensors and suspend is broken)

Next, there is the u-boot port. U-boot is chainloaded from the samsung
It can boot android (and linux kernel, if you hardcode the cmdline)
from the recovery partition.
It can also boot custom kernels with custom boot scripts from the
internal emmc partition
(the 12g one which is called sdcard in android).
pre-compiled binaries and usage instructions are described in my post
at xda-developers

My aim is to get ubuntu running on this piece of hardware,
but the intermediate step is getting SHR running and adding the support to FSO.

I'm attaching alsa config files for Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) for
headset and speaker.
Right now I'm still preparing the proper patch for the fso containing
configs for fsousaged,
but I've decided to post these because sound is tricky with the mc1n2
sound codec driver.

The tricky thing about the codec driver is that any multimedia
application will block and no
sound will be played until you enable the appropriate DAPM widgets.
The bare minimum is

Enable SPR Dac Switch and SPL Dac Switch
Raise DAC Playback Volume and Speaker Playback Volume

Regards, Alexander

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