On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 05:18:22PM -0800, Robert Milkowski wrote:

>   svccfg FMRI setenv UMEM_OPTIONS=sbrk_pagesize=4194304
> But '=' is not allowed.

This is an unfortunate inadequate of the lex/yacc parser svccfg uses:

6250426 svccfg setenv doesn't like UMEM_LOGGING "transaction=1M"

The slightly hokey workaround mentioned there is:

svccfg -s FMRI setprop start/environment = astring: 

The bug filed mentions the need for a manpage update, as well as fixing
svccfg setenv so it strips quoted " characters (in which case you'd do

svccfg -s FMRI setenv UMEM_LOGGING \"transaction=1M\"

to get a similar effect to the setprop workaround. Which is at least a tiny bit


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