Thanks for all the replies. Just a quickie before buying a router.... the 
fact that it's only the iMac that has problems connecting, does that mean 
it's the iMac, or could it still be the cheapo router? I just fear buying a 
new router if it's not going to fix it.


On Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 9:58:10 PM UTC, mac98aop wrote:
> Hi folks
> Since upgrading my broadband to fibre, and the router that PlusNet issue, 
> I'm having some problems...
> Various devices simply struggle to connect. I will frequently be asked for 
> the WiFi password (which it already knows as sometimes does connect fine). 
> When I enter the password, it says it's incorrect.
> There are often several devices in the house connected at any one time, 
> albeit not always in use:
> - 2 iPhones
> - 2 iPads
> And then if in use... MacBook, iMac and AppleTV 
> (it's not as flash it sounds, we're a family of 8!)
> I presume it's problems with channels and IP addresses. Annoyingly, if I 
> turn router on/off it usually fixes it, but that's tedious for all 
> concerned.
> PlusNet were polite, but really not a clue....
> Any thoughts? What's strange is that it's new since the supposed 'upgrade'.
> Thanks
> Adam

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