Hello again good people

Work are getting rid of some old Mac Minis that might work as media centres for 
the kids (one even has a DVD drive!) But since they got shoved in drawers, 
people forgot the power cable. We have the power brick bit but not the bit that 
connects to the leccy. They seem to be some bizarre unique three-pronged thing 
- definitely not the usual 'kettle plug'.

I don't desperately want to buy a cable to see if they even work, and I wonder 
if I *can* buy one any more. Does anyone know a) of something that also uses 
these so I could track one down to see if they start up b) where one buys them 
from? Apple don't even list power cables for Mac Pro or Mac Mini (they're 
there, but greyed out - 

Amazon and ebay pictures (which include some wonderful 'genuine apple' black 
cables lol) seem to suggest they are compatible with two-pronged cables that 
look more familiar. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Presumably we lose the 
earth contact though...Eg 

Thanks for any tips!


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