Hi all,

Due to the kindness of a SMUG member I now have a fine external monitor for my 
MacBook Pro but soon found that if I attempt to use it for anything more than 
playing a DVD (and even then …) the space and open screen get in the way and 
it’s unworkable if trying to use it for actual work, on our small tables and 
desks at least. Apple’s solution to this is “Clamshell Mode” whereby the 
MacBook continues running even with the lid closed provided that a monitor, 
keyboard, mouse AND mains were connected prior to closing the lid. The MacBook 
needs turning on its side which is tidy, but how?

There are stands for this purpose on online from many manufacturers from about 
£14 to almost £180! However, I thought I’d risk a cheap alternative suggested 
on the web and thought I’d share it with fellow SMUGgers as you can see in the 
photo below. It’s an IKEA napkin holder and it works a treat. 🙂

The cost is £1.50 + about £3 P&P and you can find it here: 

So, if you’re in the market …



Do not look to results; do what is right and leave it. — Sri Ramana Maharshi

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