Hi y’all,

I was notified today of an update to on of my favourite utilities and I thought 
that maybe some of you might like to know about it, in case you didn’t.

iPulse was created by the wonderfully playful Mac developers at The Icon 
Factory and it’s been around for years. It gives you loads of info (or less if 
you prefer) about the current state of activity on your Mac in a small elegant 
window which can be hidden as required or summoned with a keystroke. It’s a 
beautiful example of the way even utilities on the Mac look great (another 
being Daisy Disk).

There’s a link here if you want to find out more: https://ipulseapp.com

No connection here other than as a happy customer for about 10 years!



'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ ~ W. B. 

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