Thanks Stuart!

This is huge. Snaps are a great way to deliver the software that composes a
charm. And charms are a great way to put those snaps to good use. With both
teams working together we can make a consistent and smooth story to grow
the adoption. I'm eager to start playing with your layer.

Now we need to experiment so we can identify the main missing points on
snapd that affect charms, and start defining good practices for charming.
Some suggestions:

* We have a vault charm [1] and a vault snap [2]. Both seem simple and it
should be straightforward to combine them; but at the same time vault is
awesome, it's becoming popular and it will benefit a lot from the security
and isolation of snaps. Here's the chance to get some good noise and get
more people interested.
* We have a nextcloud snap [3] which is great for a home installation
because it bundles all the requirements, it's just a one click install. But
it doesn't have high availability, it hardcodes mysql and apache, and you
can't easily scale or deploy to various clouds. Upstream was really nice
and helpful, so maybe we can get them engaged to support bigger deployments.

If anybody wants to help, please reply.

pura vida

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